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WillysOnline.com went live in May of 2001. Its purpose is to gather vehicles and information about the greatest cars ever built and put that information into one great web site. Willys Online also wants to work with other web sites with the same interest and goal to link together for people in search of information. WillysOnline.com was not created as a commercial site. The online malls and banners are for Willys owners to find parts and supplies to help restore their vehicles. Willys Online does receive commission for some of these. It is only to help cover the server, domain name, and promotion costs.

Willys Online only uses photos that you send on a restricted permission basis. Meaning those photos are only used in the galleries. Any alteration to that restriction comes after you have given specific permission to do so. An example to that would be if Willys Online developed a promotional item (T-shirts, stickers, etc.). Any image used on it would first have permission from that Willys owner.

My name is Jody Staples and I am the owner of WillysOnline.com. I created this site as a hobby and as a demo site for my web design company, JodyStaples.com. There has been a Willys in my family driveway since I was a little toddler. My Dad had bought a '52 Station Wagon around 1975-6. He started a conversion on it from the stock 4-cylnder motor to a Chevy V8 (currently a 283 resides in that spot). He also removed the original gate that was rusted off the hinges and started to put delivery doors on it. It is a project that has not yet been completed.

When I was 14, I wanted to get started on my own. So in the summer of 1988 armed with $50 from my lawn mowing jobs, I bought a '62 Willys Pick-up. It had the original Hurricane engine, but the transmission had been ripped out, through the floor. It had seen bad abuse, but hey, that's what these things were built for. Glass was broken out, the box was rusted thru, the motor was frozen, wiring was toast, front axle was sprung, the body was only held together by messy and cracking welds. But the feeling of owning a Willys..., for someone with the right resources it may have been saved, but for a 14 year-old's budget it was doomed. Alas for my Willys a restoration was not to be. I salvaged what was possible and the remains were transformed (OK, cut up) into a trailer. Many of you Willys fans will probably gasp at the thought, but remember, I was only 14.

I had Willys in my blood then and I became fascinated by the Willys Jeeps and learned of the cars then too. My Dad also had a '62 Jeep CJ-5 that was originally set-up as a trencher. That Jeep was a lot of fun to buzz around in with the top off in the summer. Jeep people know exactly what I mean.

I also had an Aero for a short time. A distant relative had it on a farm and said I could have it. But I never got around to picking it up and it was sold at an auction a few years later. I'm still hoping to come across another when I come across the money to get it.

I hope you enjoy WillysOnline.com and make it your site too. I would appreciate any comment that you have and any help that could be offered to make it one of the most complete Willys sites on the Web.

If you look real hard, you can find a photo of me in an FC.

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